Firmware for EDX-200A Ver.02.11 (08/25/2022)

EDX-200A firmware version update

Ver. 02.11 (08/25/2022)

Fixed the following bug.

  • Fixed the bug in which the monitor output (analog output) on the CVM-40A and DPM-42B series (DPM-42B, 42B-F, 42B-I, and 42B-I-F) sometimes stopped after balancing was performed.
    This bug occurs when the balance operation is performed with none of the balance targets present (none of the balance targets are present, meaning that "BAL OFF" or "BAL NONE" is selected for all measurement channels).
    *The same event also occurs in inner sensitivity register (in this case, the event occurs when there are none of the objects for the inner sensitivity register).
    *This bug does not occur in the CVM-41A and DPM-42A series.
  • Fixed a bug in which a communication error would occur in rare cases when balance operations were executed from a PC in synchronous operation using a LAN cable, and subsequently EDX operation would become unstable.
  • In reading TEDS information, some recommended mode values based on the reading results have been changed.
  • Fixed the bug in which monitor data could be transferred beyond the transmission buffer size in the GDD command.
    *This bug is not affected when DCS-100A is used.

Prior to downloading

Updating procedure

When firmware of EDX-200A is version 01.20 or later.
  1. If you have optional cards,insert them please.
  2. Then follow the installation manual for updating, please.
When firmware of EDX-200A is version earlier than 01.20.
  1. Don’t insert the optional cards into the EDX-200A, please.
  2. Follow the installation manual to update the firmware of EDX-200A to version 01.20 or later by use of a CF card.


  1. Click the [Download] icon on the bottom of this page, and save the zip file into your PC, please.
  2. Select the saved zip file then right click your mouse button, after that select the item of “Extract all files”, please.

Installation procedure

  1. Copy all files except the instruction manual to a CF card, please.
  2. Follow the instruction manual for updating please.

Precautions of updating EDX-200A-4H, EDX-200A-2H, EDX-200A-4T, EDX-200A-1and their optional cards

Copy all 7 files below to a CF card to update EDX-200A and its optional cards, please.

Updating the optional cards can be done only there is a optional card in the EDX-200A.

Firmware file EDX200A_CPU_V****.BIN
USB IF file EDX200A_USB_V****.iic
DSP-ROM file EDX200A_DSP_V****.ldr
CPU port FPGA file EDX200A_FPGA_V****.rpd
Optional card FPGA file OPTA_FPGA_V****.XP2
Optional card CPU ROM file OPTA_CPU_V****.BIN
Updating management file UPDATE.BIN
V**** means version number.
Be careful never turn off the EDX power while updating!
In case of power shut down during updating, the EDX-200A has to send to KYOWA for repairing.
The file may not be extracted correctly depending on the decompression program. If this is the case, try extracting the file with another decompression software package and installing the software.

Implementation Note

The file may not be extracted correctly depending on the decompression program. If this is the case, try extracting the file with another decompression software package and installing the software.

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