Firmware for EDX-5000A Ver.01.16 (02/18/2020)

Upgraded program for the EDX-5000A firmware

Ver.01.16 (02/18/2020)

  • Fixed the following bug.
    When you operated multiple units – EDX-5000A and EDX-3000B/A or EDX-5000A and EDX-200A – synchronously by using the DCS-100A with the sampling frequency “2n series”, the DCS-100A did not display waveforms correctly.
  • Fixed the following bug.
    When you selected the “Point Zero” function during the synchronous operation, the error message appeared and the EDX-5000A did not record data by using the “Point Zero” function.
  • Fixed the following bug.
    When the EDX-5000A loaded the ETA-55A setting files (ETA files), the CAN conditions, before loading the files” still appeared.
  • Fixed the following bug.
    When you loaded the ETA-55A setting files (ETA files) – which was saved on the slave EDX-5000A – on the stand-alone EDX-5000A, the analog channel No., pre-set on the slave unit still appeared.
  • Fixed the following bug.
    Even though the EDX-5000A completed the battery refresh, the “Battery refreshing” icon still appeared on the ETA-55A.
  • Fixed the following bug.
    When the “Remote Control: Allow/Deny” on the ETA-55A “Instrument” page was “Remotely control EDX-5000A”, the EDX-5000A did not update the settings on the “Instrument” page.
  • Fixed the following bug.
    The ETA-55A did not update the “Max/Min values” of the bar graphs based on the “Deci digits” of the analog channels.

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