PCAS-100A PCA Stress Measuring Software Ver.01.08 (06/04/2021)

PCA Stress Measuring Software PCAS-100A upgrade

Ver.01.08 (06/04/2021)

Fixed the following bug.

  • The PCAS-100A did not save the angle settings - preset on the graph report [Strain] tab or table report [Component or Gage] tab - on the report files.
  • The PCAS-100A occasionally indicated incorrect scale when you set scale of the graph report manually.
  • The PCAS-100A occasionally did not indicate the max. and min. values of the scales on the graph report.
  • Made it possible to set background images on the virtual PCB.
  • Added the “Note” on the [Test Information] window to record arbitrary test information.
  • Added the “Note” on the [Gage Information] to record strain gage models, etc.
  • Made it possible to set different gage factors for each axis to deal with strain gages that have different gage factors for different axes, including KFRS, etc.
  • Made it possible to change every coefficient when “Threshold type: Auto”.
  • Made it possible to set 2 threshold values.
  • Added the “Worst table” – the data that occupies the largest share of the threshold values- on the report window.
  • Added the “Board Report” which summarizes the virtual PCB information.
  • Added the “Device Report” which summarizes the measuring instruments information while recording data.
  • Made it possible to display a logo in the margin of reports.
  • Made it possible to change the character color displayed in the “Character strings of pass or fail judgement” section to make results on the table report [Component or Gage] tab easy to check.
  • Made it possible to display graph reports for each strain gage.
  • Made it possible to set different scales for each page on graph reports.
  • Made it possible to copy & paste data on table reports as text onto Excel, etc.

Operating environment

OS Windows® 8.1 and Windows® 10
Japanese /English, 32/64 bits support
CPU Intel Core i5 or more
Memory 2 GB or more (32-bit OS)
4 GB or more (64-bit OS)
Display 1024×768 pixels or more, 280×1024 or more is recommended

Implementation Note

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