Firmware for CTRS-100 series Ver.01.05 (06/23/2020)

Upgraded program for the CTRS-100 series firmware

Ver.01.05 (06/23/2020)

Main unit CPU Ver.01.07

Fixed the following bugs.

  • The CTRS-100A occasionally created the data file (KS3) which had no recorded data under the following conditions.
    ・When you stopped recording data from the control software while recording data.
    ・When you pressed the STOP button on the remote control unit while recording data.
  • The CTRS-100 occasionally stopped recording data when the “Measure Mode” was “Manual (Set Record Data)”.
  • When you set the repeat times and started recording data, the “SD card space insufficient error” occurred occasionally even though the SD card space was sufficient.
  • When recording data in synchronous operation, the SD card space of the master unit occasionally became insufficient if the SD card space of the slave unit was insufficient.
  • When executing the balance adjustment or executing the input resistance check in synchronous operation, only the slave units executed the target processions if the SD card space of the slave units was insufficient or SD card was not mounted in the slave units.
  • The CTRS-100A stopped monitoring data when the following conditions were both satisfied.
    ・The CTRS-100A was connecting to the PC through the USB cable.
    ・You had tried to start monitoring data by using the remote control unit immediately after the USB cable disconnection.
    (Note that the CTRS-100A records data properly when you disconnect the USB cable and immediately start recording data by pressing the REC button on the remote control unit.)

Main unit FPGA Ver.01.04

  • Fixed the minor bug while recording data, during the synchronous operation.

Remote control unit Ver.01.02

Fixed the following bug.

  • The serial No. didn’t appear correctly.

Battery unit Ver.01.03

  • Fixed to prevent the system hang when failure occurred.

Implementation Note

* If the power is cut during update, serious damage is likely to occur.

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