Data Acquisition Software for DCS-100A Ver.04.77

Dynamic data acquisition software for controlling Kyowa memory recorders. Please complete the user registration before downloading this software.

After you download the zip file, some antivirus software incorrectly detects our installer as a threat.
After unzipping the file, move the installer to a different folder and run it from the new folder.

Ver.04.77 (11/02/2021)

  • Fixed the following bug.
    When you didn’t measure CAN data on the master unit, the CAN data of slave units didn’t appear on graph windows or on numerical windows.



  • Password is required for installing the software DCS-100A. The password is written on a password paper of the DCS-100A attached to the DCS-100A you purchased.
    If you purchased optional software of DCS-100A, the individual password of each optional software is required.
  • You may not be able to download by effect of communication speed.
    Please ask here when you can not download.


Operating Environment

OS Windows® 8.1, or Windows® 10,
English/Japanese, 32/64 bits support
CPU Corei5 2 GHz or more
Memory If OS is 32 bit, 2 GB or more
If OS is 64 bit, 4 GB or more
Display resolution 1024 x 768 or better
Interfaces LAN, USB

Updates required for individual compatible machines

Model Necessary updates
PCD-300 Series You must update the USB driver to use the DCS-100A with the PCD-300 Series. Customers using Ver. 01.08 or earlier should extract the download file and carefully read the installation manual (PDF file) found in the “PCD-300B” folder before installing the USB4 driver.
You will no longer be able to use the PCD-30A if you update the USB driver.
(Ver. 01.24 or later)
The EDX-100A firmware must be updated to Ver. 01.24 to use DCS-100A Ver. 04.08.
Extract the download file and carefully read the version update instructions (PDF file) found in the “EDX-100A > firm” folder before updating the firmware.
EDS-400A You must update the EDS-400A firmware to Ver. 02.02 Rev. 0.00 to run DCS-100A Ver. 01.14 or later.
Extract the download file and carefully read the version update instructions (PDF file) found in the “EDS-400A” folder before updating the firmware.
(Ver. 01.16 or later)
Go here to download the file needed to update DCS-100A to the latest version. Install DCS-103A (sold separately) only after installing the latest update.
DCS-103A is required to control the EDX-3000A/B. Update the EDX-3000A/B firmware to Ver. 01.14.
Compatible Firmware Versions of Controlled Instruments
  • EDX-100A Version 02.07 or later
  • EDX-200A Version 02.10 or later
  • EDX-3000A/B Version 01.51 or later
  • EDX-5000A Version 01.23 or later
  • EDX-10A/B Version 02.00 or later
  • EDS-400A Version 02.03 or later
  • UCAM-550A Version 03.00 or later
  • NTB-500A/C Version 01.05 or later
  • PCD-400A/430A Version 01.03 or later
  • CTRS-100series Version 01.14 or later

Installation procedure

When already installing DCS-100A (Ver.04.00 or previous one), please install the downloaded DCS-100A after uninstalling the existing DCS-100A.

  1. Uninstall DCS-100A Ver. 1.09 or earlier.
  2. Double-click the downloaded file to extract.
  3. Double-click the extraction destination (“\DCS-100A\SetupDCS100A.exe”) to begin installation.Enter the password here.

When already installing DCS-100A (Ver.04.01 or new one), the downloaded DCS-100A is installed and overwritten automatically.

  1. Double-click to extract the downloaded file.
  2. Double-click the extraction destination (“\DCS-100A\SetupDCS100A.exe”) to begin installation.
  • If DCS-100A version 04.00 or earlier is already installed, it shall be uninstalled and then the version 04.29 shall newly be installed. For the new installation, a password of DCS-100A is required.
  • If DCS-100A version 04.01 or later is installed, the version 04.29 will automatically be overwritten. No password is required.


The file may not be extracted correctly depending on the decompression program. If this is the case, try extracting the file with another decompression software package and installing the software.

  1. The copyright to the software provided in this service (“software”) is owned by Kyowa Electronic Instruments Co., Ltd. or individuals listed as copyright holders.
  2. Unauthorized duplicating, copying, reprinting and changing of the software, in whole or in part, is prohibited by law.
  3. The software may be changed for the purpose of improvement without notice.
  4. Kyowa Electronic Instruments is not liable for any result of saving (downloading) and operating the software.
  5. This service is provided for the customers who use our products applicable to the service.
  6. Before installing the product, please read the agreement below. By installing the product, you are consenting to be bound by and become a party to this agreement. If you do not agree to all of the terms of this agreement, do not install the product and delete the product and its duplicates from your computer memory or hard disk.

Client License Agreement

The customer and Kyowa Electronic Instruments Co., Ltd. (“company”) agree the following concerning the use of the software package (“software”), copyright to which is owned by the company:

Article 1. (License Agreement)

The company grants the customer a license to use the software on a single computer.
The company prohibits the customer from diverting, transferring, selling or leasing the software for any purpose.

Article 2. (Disclaimer of Warranty)

The company makes no warranty as to the quality and performance of the software (*). The company may change the software for improvement without notice. Under no circumstances shall the company be liable for the result of using the software by the customer (*).

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