Upgrade history PCAS-100A

Ver. 01.06

  • The following functions have been added.
    The PCAS indicated the data of incorrect gages on the “Component” tab of table reports.
    When you located multiple gages on a single component, and when the Maximum Strain of the latter-located gage was larger than that of the former-loaded gage, latter gage data appeared regardless of the % value.
    * In the right situation, gage data of the largest % appears.
  • Fixed the following bug.
    When you monitored the strain rate, the Maximum Principal Strain appeared, instead of the Principal Strain, on the overview graphs.
  • Fixed the following bug.
    When you changed the number of PCD units on the [Locating] window after monitoring data on the [Record/Reproduce] window, the PC hung.
  • Fixed the following bug.
    When creating KYOWA PCAS-100A folders in document folders was not available, the PC hung.

Ver. 01.05

    The following functions have been added.

  • The edit functions for the markers.
  • The KFGS gages on the “Catalog” window.

Ver. 01.04

  • Directions of principal strain can be displayed on the “Record/Reproduce” window.
  • The column of directions of principal strain on the report table.
  • Judgment results automatically enter on the report table.

Ver. 01.03

  • A menu of "Gage placement for SMD JEITA RCR-2335C" has been added to the "Guidance" windows.
  • Applicable for high resolution displays.

Ver. 01.00

  • nothing special