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We introduce here answers to frequently asked questions.

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Q1Does it cost?


It's free.

Q2I registered by entering necessary information but didn't receive any e-mail.


If you didn't receive the verification e-mail, please try the following.
・Check your spam folder.
*It often occurs especially when you are using Gmail accounts.
・Check the block senders.
Add the "kyowaoverseas.hp@d1.kyowa-ei.co.jp" to your safe sender list.
・Check your registered e-mail address is correct.
If the address is not correct, contact "support@d1.kyowa-ei.co.jp".

Q3I clicked the URL in the confirmation e-mail, but error messages appeared.


This problem may occur when you double-click the URL.
However, registration may be completed.
Try to log in on the Login page by using the registered ID (e-mail address) and password.

Q4Can I change the registered information?


Yes. You can change the information on the "Change registration details" page on the MYPAGE. To change the registered address, e-mail to "support@d1.kyowa-ei.co.jp".

Q5I forgot my password.


Please reset your password on "Change password" page.
*You are required to enter the registered e-mail address.

Q6I forgot my ID (address).


You are required to correct data. E-mail to us. "support@d1.kyowa-ei.co.jp"

Q7I have done the "Web support registration" on Kyowa's previous website. Can I still use them?


You cannot log on our new website by entering the e-mail address and password registered on the previous website (before June 2014). Please do the "Web support registration" again on our new website.

Q8What can I do if I register as a member?


The services for registered members are:
・Creating MYPAGE.
・Downloading various documents.
・Offering recommend information, exhibition information, campaign information, etc. via email.
*We do not send emails to members who do not live in Japan.
・Issuing and managing your purchased software licenses.

Q9How can I check your privacy policy?


For details, click here.

Q10How can I subscribe to or unsubscribe from Kyowa's mail-magazines?


On the "Change registration details" page on the MYPAGE, select the "Would you like to receive notifications by email?" radio button.
*We do not send emails to members who do not live in Japan.