We introduce here answers to frequently asked questions.

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Q1On which OS can the DCS-100A, KS Viewer and UCS-60B operate?


UCS-60B is compatible with Windows Vista®, Windows® 7 and Windows® 8/8.1 (Japanese or English Edition, 32-bit or 64-bit).
DCS-100A is compatible with Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows ® 8/8.1 and Windows® 10(Japanese or English Edition), 32-bit or 64-bit.
KS Viewer is compatible with Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows ® 8/8.1 and Windows® 10(Japanese or English Edition), 32-bit or 64-bit. Here the 64-bit means native 64-bit edition.

Q2Is it possible to update the software?


Yes. Updates can be downloaded from the website.

Q3Microsoft terminated Windows XP support on Apr 2014, Can we use the Windows XP installed in EDX-2000A/B and EDX-3000A ?


Terminated support in Apr 2014 was Windows XP only that install in Personal computer.
Installed Windows XP in EDX-2000A/B and EDX-3000A is the one for built-in instrument, So you can use it without any problem after Microsoft terminated support.
However, please do not connect internet because of security issue.

Q4Please let me know how to download of software DCS-100A, DAS-200A, and PCD-30A. Also where can I find the "Serial number"


1.Please click download button.

2.Please log in when you already made HP support registration,
  make registration when you have not made HP support registration yet..

3. Please input serial number(Production number) and click Send button.
   Please check serial number listed below place.

【Serial Number Check】

 Single piece of Software : listed on packing box and warranty document.
 Accessory of hardware : Please input serial number of hardware.

Q5I’ve upgraded the DCS-100A software, but it won’t work. What can I do?


You must also upgrade the firmware of the equipment to the latest version.

Q6I couldn't download the latest version of the software DCS-100A. What can I do?


To download software:
(1) You need HP support registration. Register in advance, please.
(2) You need the product serial number. Check the product serial number of the product you purchased, please.

Q7What conditions for installing the DCS-100A software?


You need a measuring instrument, a PC compliant with the specifications required by DCS-100A, DCS-100A software (downloaded from our web site), and the install password provided with the shipped CD of DCS-100A.

Q8What is the License?


To offer more appropriate support to our customers, some of Kyowa's software requires license registration before using them.
To register a license, you are required to do the "Web support registration" on Kyowa's website.
For details, click here.

Q9What should I do to register a License?


Click the “License registration” to register a License, according to the procedure.

Q10I have registered the license keys for installing software. But I forgot which software I installed.


To customers who have done the "Web support registration," please log in on the MYPAGE and check your software on the "Your license List" page.