Data Recorders/Analyzers

Presently, strain/stress measuring instruments are required not only to enable stable measurement of microvolt signals in indoor and outdoor applications but also to provide data processing capability for compact portable packages.
Furthermore, recent advancements in electronics and the trends in information-related fields toward multimedia and downsizing have generated diversified needs including:

  • Simultaneous measurement of static or dynamic variables ranging from strain/stress to load, pressure, acceleration, displacement, torque, temperature and frequency using not only strain gages and transducers but also voltage-output sensors, thermocouples and pulse-output sensors
  • Real-time monitoring to enable smooth measurement under the engineer's judgment and control
  • Statistic processing and waveform analysis of variables under measurement for time and labor savings
  • Unattended wireless operation

To cope with these demands, KYOWA has been making every effort to:

  • Diversify signal conditioners, develop multi-channel signal conditioner systems and make the processing speed higher,
  • Downsize the instruments and systems,
  • Add monitor functions,
  • Enable processing of data under measurement,
  • Provide instruments and systems with various interfaces such as USB and LAN for operation under PC control,
  • Enable long-term data recording with various storage media such as hard disk and flash memory card.

Compact recorder CTRS-100 Series

Compact recording system EDX-10 Series

Universal recorder EDX-100A, EDX-200A

Memory recorder/analyzer EDX-5000A

Sensor interface PCD-400A/430A