Instrumentation Amplifier

KYOWA’s instrumentation amplifiers are connected to widely used several strain-gage transducers such as load cells, pressure transducers etc. and enable us to monitor various physical quantities such as weight, force, pressure, displacement and torque. Besides they provide several output signals for control such as analog, comparator, BCD, RS-232C, and CC-Link.
A weighing system with load cells built-in, or a system with pressure transducers built-in, are incorporated into various machine tools, or industrial robots which are used in steelmaking, cement, foods, pharmaceutical, chemical, for the purpose of measurement, monitoring or control on various tests.Recent trends toward, labor saving, quality assurance and safety management have increasingly accelerated applications of Kyowa's instrumentation amplifiers in various industrial fields.

Instrumentation Amplifier

Load Cell Applied Systems

Receiving loads from a hoisting mechanism using multiple load cells, the system detects the total weight, and then measures the real load after detects the tare.
Since WGA-900A output analog signal to an external meter, a hoisting load can be monitored.
In addition, high & low limit signal let you know overload and it makes the system suitable for safety management.

Monitoring Contents of Tanks

Weighing contents of each tanks enables automation and labor saving on mixing work.
Three or four load cells are usually mounted on each tanks. Output signals are summed with a junction box and then amplified.
Relay output is used to monitor the amount of material in each tank.

Measuring Press-fit Load

In the automotive parts industry, a compression load cell and WGA-900A is used to measure and judge the load given through press-fitting A/C parts. The instrumentation amplifier provides a peak hold function and outputs the judgment signal to the OK/NG indicator after comparing each measured value with the reference value. The system can be applied to similar press-fitting processes in other industries.

Controlling Cloth Tension

In textile industry, for the quality control, square load cells and WGA-900A are used to measure cloth tension and to make the tension uniform. The same system can be widely used for the production process for rolling steel, metal, paper, film and tape.

Measuring Flour Weight

In the flour industry, a beam-type load cell and WIT-100A are used to weigh the bagged material for the purpose of judging whether the weight is as specified. The result is output to an OK/NG indicator. Since the beam-type load cell is highly accurate and thin, it is suitable as a sensor for the system. The same system can also be used for weighing bagged materials in the fields of feed stuff,cement, and foods.

Pressure Transducer Applied System

Quality Control of products

With this system, a pressure transducer detects the pressure of explosive gas which is sealed in a container, and a WGA-710C instrumentation amplifier measures the detected signal and then compare it with the preset value for OK/NG judgement.
Since the measured object is explosive gas, it is an intrinsically safe system.