Data Loggers

Data loggers are designed to measure static strain, a phenomenon where the subject strain does not change at all or slowly changes. As seen in load tests of large-scale structures, static strain is often measured in several hundred channels and under dozens of load conditions.
Data loggers are available in 2 types: stand-alone and PC-controlled. Both are oriented to automatic multi-channel measurement as intelligent, expansible systems.
A data logger can stably measure microvolt signals in strain/stress measurement indoors and outdoors. Besides that advantage, some data loggers have a processing capability incorporated into the portable package.
Advancements in electronic components, progress in multimedia in information-related fields and downsizing of equipment have generated the following demands:

  • Simultaneous measurement of various static variables including strain/stress, load, pressure, acceleration, displacement, torque, voltage and temperature
  • Visual presentation of the progressive status of measurement and function that enables smooth progression of measurement while accepting the engineer's judgment.
  • Unattended measurement
  • More compact and lightweight design
  • Capability to measure not only static phenomena but also events changing at a frequency of several Hz

To cope with these demands, Kyowa has been making every effort.

Data Loggers

Universal Stand-alone Type UCAM-60C M14
Online Type UCAM-65C M14

Online Type (Fast) UCAM-550A

Network Terminal Boxes NTB Series

Handy Data Logger SME-30A/31A

Digital Strain Recorder RMH-301B/310A