Strain Gage Civil Engineering Transducers

All KYOWA civil engineering transducers adopt self-temperature compensated foil strain gages, for all of sensing element which are incorporated into a Wheatstone bridge. Using the strain gages, these transducers convert soil or water pressure to corresponding voltage for measurement with strain amplifiers and other peripheral equipment. The applied self-temperature compensated foil strain gages ensure stable measurement with less drift due to temperature changes. KYOWA also provides unique civil engineering transducers which enable measurement of temperature together with strain, stress or displacement.


  • Unique models available for measurement of physical quantities together with temperature.
  • Nonlinearity, hysteresis and repeatability are excellent.
  • Stable against temperature change; no compensation is required with regard to thermal effect on measurement.
  • Since they can be connected directly to strain amplifiers and peripheral equipment, automatic measuring systems can easily be configured.
  • Excellent environmental capability ensures safe measurement under adverse temperature, humidity and vibration conditions.
  • Countermeasures against lightning are available.