T Series Civil Engineering Transducers with Temperature Measuring Function

Since the strain-gage transducers, ordinary strain-gage civil engineering transducers cannot measure temperature together with strain, stress or displacement. Thus, thermometer need to be additionally installed when embedding these transducers in concrete structures.
To solve such problems, Kyowa has developed civil engineering transducers with a temperature measuring function. The function is provided for strain transducers, reinforcing-bar stress transducers, stress transducers, joint transducers and water level transducers. These transducers have a platinum resistance thermometer mounted at the output side of ordinary civil engineering transducers.

Independent Measurement of Physical Quantity and Temperature during Measurement

The platinum resistance thermometer sensor is connected to the output of the bridge circuit and has no electrical concern with the input of the measuring instrument, thereby enabling transducers in T series to measure physical quantities as usually. Through a different circuit from the physical quantity measuring circuit, temperature is measured based on resistance change of the platinum resistance thermometer sensor. Generally, instruments providing constant-current bridge excitation are used for civil engineering transducers with a temperature measuring function to eliminate any adverse effect of the resistance of extension cable.