SI Unit Conventional Unit
4th digit 5th digit
10mN 1.020gf 1.0197gf
20mN 2.039gf 2.0394gf
30mN 3.059gf 3.0591gf
50mN 5.099gf 5.0986gf
100mN 10.20gf 10.197gf
200mN 20.39gf 20.394gf
300mN 30.59gf 30.591gf
500mN 50.99gf 50.986gf
1N 102.0gf 101.97gf
2N 203.9gf 203.94gf
3N 305.9gf 305.91gf
5N 509.9gf 509.86gf
10N 1.020kgf 1.0197kgf
20N 2.039kgf 2.0394kgf
30N 3.059kgf 3.0591kgf
50N 5.099kgf 5.0986kgf
100N 10.20kgf 10.197kgf
200N 20.39kgf 20.394kgf
300N 30.59kgf 30.591kgf
500N 50.99kgf 50.986kgf
1kN 102.0kgf 101.97kgf
2kN 203.9kgf 203.94kgf
3kN 305.9kgf 305.91kgf
5kN 509.9kgf 509.86kgf
10kN 1.020tf 1.0197tf
20kN 2.039tf 2.0394tf
30kN 3.059tf 3.0591tf
50kN 5.099tf 5.0986tf
100kN 10.20tf 10.197tf
200kN 20.39tf 20.394tf
300kN 30.59tf 30.591tf
500kN 50.99tf 50.986tf
1MN 102.0tf 101.97tf
2MN 203.9tf 203.94tf
3MN 305.9tf 305.91tf
5MN 509.9tf 509.86tf

Calculated based on a conversion factor of 1kgf = 9.80665N, and 5th or 6th digit is rounded.