Notice about the Rated Output of Transducer

Relations between transducer’s rated output in Voltage and in Strain value

Rated output of Kyowa transducer is stated in units of mV/V. In this case, it is listed mV value at rated capacity with 1 V of bridge excitation to the transducer. The rated output is also stated in strain value (x10-6 strain) for the sake of convenience. In the expression of transducer output, the value of strain notation and voltage notation always have a relation of 2:1.

e.g. 4000 [x10-6 strain] = 2000 [μV/V] (2 mV/V)

In the above relation, the strain expression does not correlate to actual mechanical strain, as it is simply provided for the sake of convenience for setting amplifiers or data loggers.