Displacement Transducers

Kyowa's displacement transducers are designed to measure relative displacement and/or absolute displacement from a steady point of structures by converting detected displacement to voltage. They are available in rated capacities ranging from 2 mm to 5 m and in different conversion systems.
DTH-A series has high output of 5 mV/V and nonlinearity of ±0.1% RO, thus ensues highly accurate measurement.The DLT-AS and DLT-BS are inductance-type displacement transducers. They measure displacements of approx. ±5 to ±500 mm. Since the core - mounted on the moving point - and transducer itself are not touching with each other, the transducers have less aging due to wear and have durability. Since an amplifier excited by 5 kHz carrier is required for measurement, use the transducers in combination with a carrier-type strain amplifier DPM series.
DTP and DTPA-A displacement transducers adopt a potentiometer to convert expansion/contraction of wire to voltage output and very user friendly. Rated capacity of DTP series is prepared from 0.5 to 5 m.


  • Various models are available to meet desired measuring displacement from 2 mm to 5000 mm.
  • Models for measuring large displacement are prepared
  • Excellent nonlinearity and high resolution