Sensitivity Decrease due to Cable Extension

If a strain-gage transducer is connected to a signal conditioner, digital indicator or strain amplifier via extension cable, we will not ignore the sensitivity decrease due to the extension cable resistance which lowers the voltage applied to the transducer.

The rated output with lowered sensitivity is obtained from the following equation:

Sensitivity Decrease in Kyowa's Extension Cables (N-82 to 85, 100)

Models Cable Length
Sensitivity Dropped
r×L (Ω)
N-82 10m 0.2% 0.8 0.998
N-83 20m 0.5% 1.6 0.995
N-84 30m 0.7% 2.4 0.993
N-85 50m 1.1% 4 0.989
N-100 100m 2.2% 8 0.978

Bridge resistance R = 350 Ω,
Reciprocating resistance per 1 m of 4-conductor (0.5 mm2) chloroprene cabtyre extension cable: 0.0794 Ω ≈ 0.08 Ω