Field of Business

Offering complete strain measurement systems that provide everything from A (data measurement) to Z (data analysis)

Complete Systems

Not only do we design and produce sensors, instruments, and software, we also offer complete combined systems that provide the “A to Z” of strain measurement.

Our company develops and produces all the core elements of strain measurement technology within our corporate group, from various sensors to measurement and testing instrumentation and software.
To provide our customers with solutions to the challenges they face, we offer systems that combine these elements into the most appropriate configuration, but we can also go so far as to provide our customers with services from data collection to analysis.

Complete Services

In addition to product and system development, design and fabrication, we also offer comprehensive services ? from proposals for measurement technology tailored to specific issues to technical support and maintenance.

Our services include conducting preliminary surveys into individual issues, providing of a measurement plan that meets your objectives, installation and measurement of instrumentation, creation and submission of reports on the processed and analyzed data, and post-installation maintenance.

Technological Applicability

We broaden our ability to meet customer needs by harnessing the technological application skills we have accumulated through our experience working in various fields.

As measurement professionals, our company has continued to answer the various measurement needs of customers across a great range of fields. The skills and knowledge we have acquired through that experience allow us to provide systematic solutions to customer issues and onsite measurement needs.
Our company is continuously researching the various elemental technologies of measurement and increasing our knowledge base. We are working hard to expand even further as we seek to acquire and generate new technologies, and create new chances to provide solutions for our customers. 。