1949 Establishment as Kyowa Radio Laboratory Co., Ltd. in Shinjuku City, Tokyo and launch of design and manufacturing of radio communication equipment and measuring instruments for the same.
1950 At the request of the Transportation Technical Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport to produce a prototype resistance wire strain gage, produced the first measuring instrument of its kind in Japan and subsequently focused all its corporate endeavors on strain measuring instruments from this point in time.
1952 Completed a dynamic strain meter.
1953 Developed various strain-gage type transduces, indicators and other devices for pressure, load and torque measurement.
1957 Completed a foil strain gage.
1961 Began construction of a new plant in Chofu City and changed the company name to KYOWA ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD.
1962 Completed the Chofu Plant and launched measurement consultancy service.
1965 Developed a self-temperature compensation strain gage.
1966 Relocated the Main Branch to the head office building completed at the Chofu Plant.
1968 Constructed a 4-story plant at the head office site.
Registered as a Mass Meter Class-3 Manufacturer under the Measurement Law.
1969 Constructed a 6-story plant at the head office site.
Listed in 2nd Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1973 Established the Measurement Engineering Department in Chofu City.
1977 Began the Strain Gage Basic Course.
1985 Completed the technology wing at the head office site.
1988 Announced Japan’s first on-board type measurement device for collision test (High-impact resistant C-0361 model) and won high acclaim by auto-makers.
1989 Completed development of a pressure sensor for use in space jointly with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and acquired accreditation for the product as a National.
Space Development Agency-approved component.
1992 Won acclaim from the Ministry of Construction for its avalanche monitoring device developed through joint research by the public and private sectors.
1998 Awarded a commemorative prize by the JR Tokai and the Railway Technical Research Institute for its cooperation with measurements concomitant with the achievement of 550 km/h on the Yamanashi linear test line.
 Acquired ISO9002 product scope expansion (Addition of measuring and recording devices) certificate on March 27 and ISO9001 certificate for over 3,000 standard products in November.
June 1999 Celebrated its 50th anniversary and published 50-years of history: “Meeting the Challenges of Realizing Safety and Security in Measuring Technology.”
June 2000 Changed its listing designation on the Tokyo Stock Exchange to 1st Section.
2001 The Production Division Measurement Standard Department was accredited as an approved business (Approval No.: 0096) in the force field by the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation in May.
2002 Took over the measuring instruments business from Bridgestone Corporation by business transfer in September and expanded its product lineup and sales channels.
2003 Acquired permission to engage in telecommunications work business in October.
2004 Newly established the Automotive Equipment Department and the Specialized Machinery Department Transport Systems Group within the Technology Division. Reinforced its capabilities in the automotive-related and transport systems fields.
Announced acquisition of an exclusive distributorship in Japan for NI-DIAdem manufactured by National Instruments in America and launched sales of the same.
Acquired accreditation under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law for its equilibrium function tester EGC-2000A in December.
2005 Acquired environment management system ISO14001 in July and reinforced its environmental undertakings.
Took part independently in the “Automotive Testing Expo 2005 North America” in Detroit in America in October.
2006 Introduced flat-belt type calibration devices to Yamagata Kyowa Dengyo site in March to reinforced automotive-related product production efficiency in March.
2007 Established an American branch in Detroit, America, in April.
2008 Completed phase-2 of the Head Office Plant reconstruction in September.
2009 Built New Sensor Building at Yamagata Kyowa Dengyo in February.
Built Kyowa Head Office Plant in Chofu in March.
Celebrated its 60th anniversary in June and produced a 60th anniversary commemorative publication.
2010 Established KYOWA ELECTRONIC (SHANGHAI) TRADING CO.,LTD. in Shanghai, China in November.
2011 Upgraded Overseas department to Overseas Division in January after independent of Sales Division.
2012 Transferred Tohoku sales office to Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture in December.
Established  KYOWA AMERICAS INC. by incorporating Kyowa Americas branch office in December.
2013 Established Tama sales office in February. 
Established Kyowa corporate statement in May. 
2014 Transferred Sapporo sales office to Chuo-ku, Sapporo city, Hokkaido in August.
Change in the number of shares per unit. (from 1,000 shares to 100 shares.)
2015 Built New Gage Building at Yamagata Kyowa Dengyo in February.
2016 Developed KFGS series, new strain gages with the world highest level performance, in September.
Held Kyowa Private Show 2017, in October.
2017 Acquired shares of TAMAYA TECHNICS INC., and converted it into a consolidated subsidiary.
2018 Added general field of calibration "Acceleration" of Measurement Act Traceability System (JCSS) registration. Expanded previous calibration range for "Force/Electricity (Direct Current & Low Frequency)/Time." in January.
Transferred Kyoto sales office, combined with Osaka sales office in April.
Released DSMC-100 series of sampling moire cameras based on results of New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization Project (NEDO) in September.
2019 Established India Branch in March.
Held memorial celebrating 70 years of business in June.
Expanded calibration scope of general field of calibration "Acceleration" of Measurement Act Traceability System (JCSS) registration in September.
2020 Transferred Hitachi sales office, combined with Tsukuba sales office in February.
Registered bridge monitoring technology with MLIT Inspection Technology Performance Catalog in June.
Transferred KOFU KYOWA to new plant and began operating in August.
Received Good Design Award for CTRS-100 series of compact recorders in October.
Recognized as first conformity assessment body of accelerometer centrifuge calibration in Japan based on ISO/IEC 17025 in November.
2021 Launched accelerometer centrifuge calibration service based on ISO/IEC 17025 in February.
Registered tunnel monitoring technology with MLIT Inspection Technology Performance Catalog in October.
2022 Combined Tohoku sales office Yamagata Office and Sendai Office in January.