Concrete techno plaza 2017

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  • Concrete techno plaza 2017


Dates July 12(Wed.) to 14(Fri.)
KYOWA Booth No. 56
Organized by Japan Concrete Institute
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Main Products

Low Elasticity Strain Transducer BSL-A-90TSA2

Measurement from young material age is possible because the elastic modulus of the appearance is small at about 20 MPa.

  • The rated capacity is ±6000 μm/m
  • With a thermometry function
  • A flange can be attached or removed

Wire Strain Gage KC

Featuring a longer gage length, the KC series gages are wire strain gages suitable for mean strain measurement of concrete under test.

  • Materials Resistive element : CuNi alloy wire
  • Materials Base : Paper base + phenol-epoxy

Embedded strain gage KM

The KM series gages are designed to be embedded in mortar or concrete for the purpose of measuring the internal stress.

  • Materials Resistive element : CuNi alloy
  • Materials Base : Acrylate

Concrete-embedded strain gage KMC

The KMC series gages are designed to measure self-shrinkage and self-stress of cemented materials. They enable measurement of the self-shrinkage and high-fluidity concrete immediately after placing.

  • Materials Resistive element : CuNi alloy
  • Materials Base : Silicone

Sensor Interface PCD-430A

Connect the sensor interface to a PC via USB port. The PC will be a measuring instrument.

  • Input of strain and voltage can be selected for each channel
  • Easy sensor connection using various types of input adapter
  • Connects to PC using USB interface