Automotive Testing Expo 2020 India

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  • Automotive Testing Expo 2020 India
  • Automotive Testing Expo 2020 India


Dates January 22(Wed.) to 24(Fri.)
Venue Halls 2 and 3, CTC Complex, Chennai, India
KYOWA Booth No. 3099
Location of the Booth Show Layout(981 KB)
Organized by UKIP Media & Events Ltd
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Main Products

Grip-design Steering Operation Force Transducer LSG-A

To evaluate the steering operational
force from hand to steering wheel

  • Shorten preparation time of measurement
  • Lightweight design reduces effect of transducer on moment of inertia
  • Does not obstruct activation of airbag

Digital Telemeter MRS-100 Series

Easy wireless strain and stress measurement

  • Continuous operation time: Max. 34 hours
  • Easy operation without PC after initial setting
  • Certified in wireless regulation in India, Japan, U.S.A., Thailand, and EU

Steering Force/Angle Transducer SFA-E-SA20

Thin and lightweight design and rotary encoder detects steering angle with high resolution.

  • Hight resolution(Adopt rotary encorder for steering angle detection )
  • Steering force output from built-in amplifier is strong against external noise.
  • Dedicated indicator is separately available.

On-vehicle Data Logger for Crash Test DIS-7000 Series

Multi-channel on-board data acquisition system
Modularization structure enables to optimize your system.

  • Synchronous measuring channels up to 1056
  • High impact resistant: 100 G
  • Airbag timer module is available

Printed Circuit Assembly Stress Measurement Set PCAS-1000A

Enable everyone to easily evaluate reliability of PCBs

  • Usable without knowledge of stress measurements.
  • Reporting feature specialized for PCB stress measurements.