1st Measure/Test/Sensor Expo [MeasureTech]

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Notice Regarding the Cancellation of Exhibit at the 1st Measure/Test/Sensor Expo [MeasureTech]

  • 1st Measure/Test/Sensor Expo [MeasureTech]


Dates February 26 (Wed.) to 28 (Fri.)
Venue MAKUHARI MESSE (Chiba, Japan) Hall 6
KYOWA Booth No. 36-21
Location of the Booth Show Layout(387 KB)
Organized by Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.
Official Website https://www.japan-mfg.jp/en-gb/about/mts.html

Main Products

Piezoelectric Acceleration Transducer (Built-in Amplifier) ASPD-A

Compact 3-axis piezoelectric type acceleration transducers (with built-in amplifier) that can measure from slight vibration to high acceleration with wide measurement range.

Universal Recorder EDX-200A

Various conditioner cards are available for wide applications.

  • Sophisiticated real-time processing functions are incorporated in the compact design
  • All channels synchronous sampling at 10 kHz for 32 channels (100 kHz for 3 channels)
  • Conditioner card (CVM-41A) for piezoelectric acceleration transducers is available

Sampling Moire Camera DSMC-100A

  • Simplified remote XYZ-displacement measurement by using a camera
  • Acquisition of displacement information via high-speed imaging (maximum of 500 fps)
  • Simultaneous measurement of up to 16 points possible with 1 camera

New Data Recorder

Compact Recorder CTRS-100 Series

This is a compact, tough data recorder.

  • Compact and tough
  • Easy-to-expand modular type with up to 128 channels
  • This data recorder can be used to handle various kinds of stress measurement

Multi-channel Models

Digital Telemeter MRS-100 Series

Easy wireless strain, stress, and voltage measurement

  • Easy operation without PC after initial setting
  • The MRS-100 series transmits data a long range up to 50 m (line-of-sight) in environment without obstacle objects
  • Max. sampling frequency is 4.8 kHz
  • Up to 64 channels in a system
  • Certified in wireless regulation in Japan, U.S., EU ,India, Thailand

Instrumentation Amplifier WGA-910A

Monitors waveforms, checks numerical values and operates easily with the touch panel.

  • TFT LCD widens the viewing angle than before
  • Numeric value registering calibration and absolute pressure measurement
  • SD card slot (SDHC compliant) as standard equipment
  • CC-Link-compliant, easy integration in the PLC