Certificate of Receipt of Poisonous Substance

The adhesives listed below are quasi-drug deleterious substances under Poisonous and Deleterious Substance Control Act in Japan.

  • EP-34B (containing m-Xylylenediamine)
  • EC-30 (containing m-Xylylenediamine)
  • ARALDITE-C (Triethylenetetramine)
  • JB-100C、JB-200A、JB-210A、JB-300A (Nonylphenol) ※from July 1, 2020

Marketing License and Marketing Method

KYOWA head office and all business offices in Japan are licensed to market quasi-drug deleterious substances.
Also, licensed representatives and special agencies only market these adhesives.
However, these adhesives are delivered directly from our factory to each user since offices other than the head office are licensed for chit-based marketing only with no contact with the adhesives.
In addition, under the control act we are compelled to ask each user to submit a certificate of receipt to us. When ordering these adhesives, therefore, please fill in and sign the certificate specified by us. In an emergency, the certificate may be facsimiled and the original may be submitted later.
Also, please be advised that the nature of these adhesives compels us to refuse return of the adhesives.

Precaution for Use

With some exceptions, any license or permission is not required to use these adhesives. However, laws and regulations require each user to prevent them to be stolen, lost, spattered or flown out.

For details, contact the nearest health center or concerned public agency.