SI Unit Conventional Unit
100Pa 1.020gf/cm2
200Pa 2.039gf/cm2
300Pa 3.059gf/cm2
500Pa 5.099gf/cm2
1kPa 10.20gf/cm2
2kPa 20.39gf/cm2
3kPa 30.59gf/cm2
5kPa 50.99gf/cm2
10kPa 102.0gf/cm2
20kPa 203.9gf/cm2
30kPa 305.9gf/cm2
50kPa 509.9gf/cm2
100kPa 1.020kgf/cm2
200kPa 2.039kgf/cm2
300kPa 3.059kgf/cm2
500kPa 5.099kgf/cm2
1MPa 10.20kgf/cm2
2MPa 20.39kgf/cm2
3MPa 30.59kgf/cm2
5MPa 50.99kgf/cm2
10MPa 102.0kgf/cm2
20MPa 203.9kgf/cm2
30MPa 305.9kgf/cm2
50MPa 509.9kgf/cm2
100MPa 1.020tf/cm2
200MPa 2.039tf/cm2
300MPa 3.059tf/cm2
500MPa 5.099tf/cm2

Calculated based on a conversion factor of 1kgf/ cm2 = 98.0665kPa, and 5th digit is rounded.