Privacy Policy


Kyowa Electronic Instruments Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) and our group companies located in Japan (hereinafter collectively referred to as “our group companies”) recognize the importance of protecting personal information in an advanced information and telecommunications society. We believe that it is our social responsibility to manage personal information appropriately.
Therefore, our group companies strive to appropriately handle and protect the personal information of customers (including personal information provided by customers using our websites) acquired by our group companies based on this Privacy Policy.

However, when you provide personal information, in case there are specific regulations that differ from this privacy policy, those regulations shall take precedence over this privacy policy.
If you do not wish to provide personal information, you can refuse to do so at your own discretion. In this case, please note that you may not be able to use the services on our group companies’ websites.

  • 1. Personal Information Protection Policy

    In view of the importance of protecting personal information in an advanced information and telecommunications society, our group companies are committed to protect personal information based on the following company policies.

    1. (1) Formulation and continuous improvement of policies and regulations regarding the protection of personal information

      Our group companies train our executives and employees to recognize the importance of protecting personal information. We formulate, implement, maintain, and continuously improve policies and regulations to appropriately protect personal information.

    2. (2) Compliance with laws and other codes of conduct regarding the protection of personal information

      Our group companies comply with the provisions of laws and regulations, as well as the codes of conduct and guidelines established by administrative agencies and other administrative bodies. We have also established a management structure for the appropriate protection of personal information, taking into account each department's business details and scale. When we appropriately collect, use, and provide personal information, we also take appropriate measures such as disclosing, amending, and deleting personal information.

    3. (3) Ensuring accuracy and safety of personal information

      In order to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, our group companies strive to keep personal information accurate and up-to-date. We take reasonable safety measures in terms of both information communication technology and management organizational structure. We are also committed to preventing unauthorized access to, loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information.

    4. (4) Education and training

      In addition to raising awareness of personal information protection among executives and employees, our group companies provide education and training on compliance programs related to personal information protection.

  • 2. Handling of Personal Information

    Based on the above policy, our group companies handle personal information in accordance with the following:

    1. (1) What is personal information?

      In this Privacy Policy, personal information means customer-specific information, or information provided by the customer through our group companies' business activities, such as name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address, that can identify individual customers.

    2. (2) Obtaining personal information

      In carrying out business activities, our group companies may ask customers to provide personal information such as name, address, e-mail address, and telephone number. In those cases, we will, as much as possible, specify the purpose of use, and will only collect personal information to a necessary extent after explicitly stating in advance information such as the purpose of use and contact point for inquiries.
      However, we may omit citation of the purpose of use in the following cases:

      • When you provide personal information through activities such as an interview with a sales representative of our group companies (including sales activities by phone) and exchange of business cards.
      • When personal information is provided through the exchange of business cards, etc.
      • When we receive your business cards at various events, fairs, and seminars.
    3. (3) Purpose of use of personal information

      Our group companies will use your personal information for the following purposes. We will not use the personal information you provide beyond the scope of these purposes.

      • To provide guidance that we believe will be useful to our customers, such as shipping of our group companies' products, sending out catalogs and direct messages, and introducing new products and services.
      • For fulfillment of contracts with customers and after-contract management
      • To be used for guidance and communication related to recruitment activities of our group companies
      • Other uses within the scope of the purpose you agreed upon
      • To provide answers to inquiries, other communications, and accompanying information
    4. (4) Shared use

      Our group companies will share the use of personal data with each of our group companies, as shown in the table below:

      Personal data items that will be sharedCompany name, address, affiliation, name, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, etc.
      Scope of shared use
      • NEW TECH CO., LTD.
      Purpose of use by associated partiesPurposes described in 2.(3) above
      Person responsible for management

      (Please refer to our “Company Profile” for the address of the company and name of the President.)

      Company Outline
    5. (5) Disclosure and provision of personal information

      In order to achieve the purpose of use of the provided personal information that we clearly specified to you, we may provide or disclose personal information to third parties only in the following cases:

      • When we have your consent
      • When entrusting the handling of personal information, within the necessary extent, to subcontractors, partner companies, and outsourcing companies, that have entered a personal information non-disclosure agreement with our group companies, to achieve the purpose of use that we clearly specified to you.
      • In case of shared use (described in 2.(4) above)
      • When processed as statistical data, a state that cannot identify individual customers
      • When disclosure to a third party is permitted by relevant laws and regulations or their principles or guidelines
    6. (6) Safe management of personal information

      We strictly manage the personal information which you provided and take reasonable security measures to prevent leakage, misappropriation, and falsification of personal information.
      Also, when providing personal information, we are committed to ensuring safety by applying encryption to personal data through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or similar security technologies, to guard against unauthorized access by a third party during communication.

    7. (7) About cookies

      When you revisit our group companies' websites, we may send data called "cookies" that identifies the computer you used and save them on your hard disk.
      We use cookies to display the most suitable page for you and obtain access logs for the purpose of improving our websites. Cookies do not identify individual customers.

      If you prefer, you can set your Internet browsing software (browser) to disable cookies, or set it to display a warning that requests permission before cookies start transmitting data.
      Even if cookies are disabled, you will still be able to view our group companies' websites. Please note, however, that the scope of services you can use may be limited.

    8. (8) Use of Google Analytics

      Our group companies' websites may use Google Analytics to understand how they are being used.
      Google Analytics can obtain statistical website usage information such as pages you visited, time spent on pages, location just before accessing the website, trends in page transitions, and browser/OS information. However, we do not use it to identify personal information. The methods of collecting and using access information are stipulated in the Google Analytics Terms of Service and the Google Privacy Policy.

      For more information about Google Analytics, please refer to the following page:

      (Google AnalyticsTM is a trademark of Google Inc.)

    9. (9) Protection of personal information on linked sites

      Our group companies cannot be held responsible for the handling of personal information on websites owned by other businesses or individuals that are linked from our group companies' websites.

    10. (10) Compliance with laws and regulations and other relevant codes of conduct

      Our group companies comply with laws and regulations and other relevant codes of conduct related to personal information protection.

    11. (11) Changes to this Privacy Policy

      Our group companies may change this privacy policy due to changes in laws and regulations.

    12. (12) Suspension of use and deletion

      Regarding personal data maintained by our group companies, if you wish to suspend the use of, delete, or suspend the sharing of your own information with third parties, we will first confirm if you are indeed the owner of the information. If we determine that there is a valid reason for your request, we will immediately suspend the use of, delete, or suspend the sharing of this information with third parties.

    13. (13) Contact Us

      Please contact the office specified below if you have any of the following inquiries:

      Inquiries about this privacy policy
      Inquiries about referencing, revision, deletion, and sharing of personal information that you provided with third parties
      Other inquiries related to personal information
      We will respond to you as soon as we confirm that you made the request.


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