Kyowa Electronic Instruments' Business Pursuits

Creating safety for a secure future

Kyowa Electronic Instruments has been developing measurement technology and spurring innovation since its founding in 1949 so that we can ensure a future envisioned by our partner companies and research institutes.

Business summary

As an entity that supports innovation

Today's Japan exists because of various industries that have developed and the infrastructure that has been built over a long time. The existence of "measurement" is indispensable behind the emergence of technologies and products that the times demand. The solutions provided by Kyowa have supported a wide variety of innovations.

Value provided by Kyowa

Ensuring a safe future through complete measurement solutions

We demonstrate the safety of the future created by our partners through complete solutions that include product services, custom product offerings, and measurement consulting and support services.


Creating safety for a secure future


Turning "uncertainty into clarity"

Complete measurement solution

Product Services

Offering custom products

Consulting /
Support Services

Product Services

Sales and proposals for measuring instruments, measurement software, strain gage sensors, and measurement systems

Offering custom products

Products optimized for every purpose using Kyowa's technical expertise and consulting

MeasurementConsulting /Support Services

From measurement consulting to calibration/maintenance and strain gage installation

Three initiatives that turn uncertainty into clarity

In today's unpredictable era, Kyowa Electronic Instruments has been and is still working to turn "uncertainty into clarity" through measurement technology since its foundation.
This effort is being made in the form of three initiatives:


To assure that all new technologies and products that are being released are safe

When any new technology or product is released, it is necessary to prove that it does not only give people convenience and prosperity but also is safe. Kyowa has provided support to prove safety through our measurement technologies.

Automobile Collision TestsContributing to the development of safer vehicle bodies

Heat detectorsMaintenance of high-speed railways that have supported the development of Japan

Jet engine evaluation testsContributing to various evaluation tests aimed at improving the performance of jet engines

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Working behind the scenes to support of disaster countermeasures and energy development

How can we make our society better and more prosperous? What do we need in case of an emergency? In order to make our society better and more prosperous, Kyowa's solutions provide support in aspects that are usually not visible to people.

Bridge Pier Tilt Monitoring SystemContributing to the maintenance and management of hundreds of dams, bridges, and tunnels

Implementation of Tokaido Shinkansen safety confirmation tests in the aftermath of the Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeResults of disaster countermeasures through measurement

Wind farm tower monitoringContributing to the maintenance and management of next-generation energy development

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To achieve research and development and the latest technology in the future

We carry out research and development around the clock in various fields for a brighter future. Kyowa supports research with measurement, and is working with partners to achieve results in the near future.

Bouldering motion analysis researchMotion analysis in sports ergonomics and social welfare

Development of microsatellitesContributing to strength tests for reducing the weight of satellites

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Kyowa's Strengths

Technical expertise and achievements that have maintained high quality since our founding

Pioneer of stress measurement in Japan
As a pioneer in strain gages and stress measurement, Kyowa Electronic Instruments has delivered products for many years. We are also focusing on research and development, and have applied for more than 600 patents since our founding.
Supporting quality in various fields
We provide complete solutions and form partnerships to support the quality that our partners require in their products and the issues they face.
More than 70 years of history and accumulated achievements
Kyowa's solutions have been utilized in national-level research and development projects, such as dams, bridges, and high-rise towers, improvement of the performance and safety of automobiles and railways, and space exploration.

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