Deployment of quality warranty activities

The most essential factor for measuring instruments are its reliability. For this purpose, proper quality control is implemented throughout all processes including development, design, manufacturing, inspection, and shipment.

Reliability Tests to Approve Standard Components

We conduct tests for standard parts certification in order to adopt highly reliable parts.

Calibration of Transducers with Highly Accurate Standardizing Devices

Load, pressure, and acceleration transducers are commer-cialized only after calibration with actual loads. The company conducts calibration using a variety of highly accurate standardizing devices for the purpose.

Service Life Tests and Reliability Verification by Environmental Tests

Service life is an important property for strain gages and strain gage transducers to ensure their reliability. The company has the fatigue life testing facilities which can apply actual loads cyclically to these sensors. Environmental tests are performed in conditions with controlled variables including temperature, humidity, vibration, impact, dipping, rainwater, electromagnetic compatibility EMC, and etc.