CEO Message

Thank you for your visiting the KYOWA’s website.

KYOWA was the first in Japan to realize domestic production of strain gauges. For more than 70 years since our founding in 1949, we have faced our customers' technical issues with strain gauges as our core technology and continued to refine our reliable measurement technology.

As social changes progress at an ever faster pace and values become more diverse, there are values that we have respected since our founding. That is our company motto and corporate principals.

In order to deepen our understanding and practice while inheriting this founding spirit, 60 years after the establishment of our company motto and corporate principals, we have created “KYOWA WAY”, which summarizes the mindset and actions that all people working in the Kyowa Group can share as common values.

In order to inherit this founding spirit and further deepen it into practice, we created the “KYOWA WAY” after 60 years. This is a compilation of values, attitudes, and actions that should be shared by all employees of the Kyowa Group.

Through the “KYOWA WAY”, KYOWA will continue to refine its reliable measurement technology and enhance the job satisfaction of its employees by sharing thoughts through mutual dialogue and recognizing the significance of its existence.

We will strive to create a sustainable society and future through our management vision, “Through measurement, KYOWA realizes the safety of society and people with customers for the future.”

We will continue to engage in dialogue with our employees, customers, partner companies, shareholders and investors to improve our corporate value and contribute to the creation of a better society and a future for people.