The Future of Kyowa Electronic Instruments

Kyowa Electronic Instruments - Looking to the Future

Kyowa has a management vision which is to "provide safety to people and society, together with our customers, and create a secure future through our measurement technologies" by looking to the future.

We will realize this vision through Kyowa's measurement technologies, and aim to be a company that contributes to the creation of a sustainable society.

Looking to the future together with our partners to create products and value.

In this section, we explain how we position ourselves as a manufacturer and what is our focus in collaborating with our partners and offering them our solutions.

Our position as a manufacturer

Looking to the future together with our partners to create products.

Kyowa Electronic Instruments has a history and track record of using its measurement technology to support partners who achieved the kinds of innovations that the world needed at the given times. Looking to the future together with the companies and research institutes we work with as partners, we have delivered products and values that were needed by the people of the times.

Joint development with partners

Working together to create value.

"Kyowa" in our company name means "combining strengths" in Japanese. We have been accomplishing joint developments by combining our strengths both internally and externally in line with the changing times and society. Together with partner companies and research institutes, we have been converting and will continue to convert uncertain things into things within expectations. We will further continue to create opportunities for joint development through measurement toward the future.

Our spirit when offering solutions

Sharing our passion through measurement.

Our partner companies and research institutes utilize Kyowa's solutions, and are involved in projects that are essential to people's lives, such as infrastructure development. Our focus when offering our solutions to the customers is to share the passion with them. For a better future, we have passion among those who jointly develop new manufacturing and innovation, so that we can produce things that society needs from this point forward.

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