President’s Message

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Kyowa started out as the first manufacturer of strain gauges in Japan and we are now a comprehensive maker of stress instrumentation, catering to a diverse clientele whose measurement and control needs continue to grow more sophisticated with time.

Kyowa’s customers are stepping up the pace of technical innovation, which forces us to “read ahead” and develop solutions for issues they are going to be facing. Not only does Kyowa supply sensors and systems, responding rapidly to latent needs, but the company combines consulting with hardware to generate solutions – an essential feature of what we do.

By doing business in this way, Kyowa has established distinctive technical capabilities that no other company has. We are also initiating reforms to better cultivate clients and expand markets, using these capabilities to develop solutions for an age of new requirements.

More specifically, these efforts take the form of shortening our R&D cycle, using resources more effectively in cutting-edge development, strengthening our system of collecting and using sales information, and introducing new production methods.

Plus, to keep up with current trend toward globalization, Kyowa must further strengthen its international competitiveness. We opened local subsidiaries in Detroit, Michigan the U.S., in Shanghai China and in Bangkok Thailand we will use this as an opportunity to further our efforts to aggressively explore new markets overseas for our world-class, “one and only” technologies.

Kyowa’s stress instrumentation, employed in many industrial fields, is essential for supporting safety and security across broad sections of society. At Kyowa Electronic Instruments we aim to create measurement and control technologies to ensure safety and security, and will continue to initiate business reforms for the benefit of Kyowa’s customers as the company evolves.




Giichi Tanaka, President and Representative Director, Kyowa Electronic Instruments

Company Motto

We want to be the best company, not just a big company.

Corporate Principles

1) Modesty
2) Honesty
3) Endeavour