Mascot Character, Hizumin

What’s Hizumin?

KYOWA’s representative products are strain gages after all. Hizumin is the mascot character created with a strain gage as the motif.

The creator of Hizumin told us as follows:

QWhen was Hizumin born?

The original was born in 1989. I diverted myself in scribbling a face and limbs on a strain gage image. Attracted by the picture, my superior said he would like to put the picture in materials for overseas lectures so that listeners might not be bored. According to him, I properly designed the mascot character. That was the moment the original Hizumin was born.

Hizumin designed for a key holder in 2003
QWhen did it become the formal mascot character of KYOWA?

In 2003. At the Goods Planning Department I served in those days we had been examining various new products, new technologies and new operations. In the course of discussions I increasingly felt that our core technology lied in strain gages, our main products. Then, contemplating how we should do to let our employees have more attachment to stain gages as well as to make clients feel more familiar with strain gages, I recalled the mascot character designed in 1989.

And what was newly designed for a key holder is the present Hizumin. By the way, the name Hizumin was selected through voting in the company.

QHow long did it take for the Hizumin to be popularized?

It was popularized without my knowledge. Impressed favorably, staff members have used Hizumin in various occasions, thereby making it a great character going alone, I feel.

Hizumin sitting on a chair
Hizumin manifesting the softness of strain gage
QHow do you expect Hizumin to be in future?

There seems a desire for Hizumin to have a family. Personally, I wish Hizumin to be a character tickling a maniac fancy while winning people’s affection everlastingly. For example, according to applications, there are strain gages featuring a red or green base in place of a yellow one. Thus, a red or green Hizumin may be delightful.

Hizumin was trademark-registered in 2007.

The trademark registration let it formally debut in society.

Registration No. 5096843
Hizumin used for the trademark registration

Various Hizumin goods are produced.


And many other goods are available. They may include rare goods.

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