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Business Activities (Hyogo Office) Major Implementation Examples

Ⅰ.Measurement related with Stress, Displacement and Vibration

  • Residual stress measurement of welding (welding parts of piping, ceramic structure)
  • Bolt axial tension measurement (bolt gage: M4 or larger)
  • Measurement of impact-initiated load, acceleration, stress and deformation
  • Telemetry torque measurement of marine propeller shafts
  • Measurement of vibration, stress and temperature of steam and gas turbine parts
  • Stress measurement at ultralow temperatures
  • Impact acceleration measurement of lifeboats
  • Measurement of dynamic behavior of container ships
  • Attraction-related stress and vibration measurement
  • Stress frequency measurement of highway bridges and reinforcing-bar stress measurement of piers
  • Thermal stress measurement of reactors of steelmaking and chemical plants
  • Stress measurement of LPG tanks under hydraulic pressure tests
  • Load measurement of domes
  • Concrete loading tests
Residual stress measurement
Bonding a strain gage to the bottom of screw

II. Temperature-related Measurement

  • Temperature measurement of steam and gas turbine
  • Temperature measurement of submerged caissons at the time of placing concrete
  • Welding temperature measurement

Ⅲ.Fatigue Life Evaluation and Monitoring Progress of Cracking

(1) Fatigue Life Evaluation

Fatigue life evaluation with general-purpose strain gages and HsS (hot spot sensor)

  • Overhead cranes
  • Steel highway bridges
  • Nuclear power-related facilities

(2) Monitoring Progress of Cracking

Measurement of crack progressing amount with crack gages
Estimate of crack progress speed with K-value gages

  • Steel highway bridges
Highway Steel floor plate

Ⅳ.Bolt Axial Tension Management

(1) Axial Tension Management and Looseness Detection

  • Applicable temperature range: −40 to 250°C
  • Applicable bolt sizes: M4 to M36
  • Selected from the following 3 methods according to temperature and operating environment.
Embeddable gage method
External surface fabricated method
Bolt head detection method

(2) Load Calibration, Calibration Situation (example)

V. Production of Customized Sensors (Load Cells and Displacement Transducers)

  • Miniature load cells
  • Minute displacement transducers
  • Multi-channel bridge boxes, etc.
Manufacturing small-sized displacement transducer (gate type)
Calibrating small-sized load cell

VI. Others

(1) Periodical Maintenance and Inspection of Systems

  • Monitoring loads applied to the manipulator crane and other nuclear power plant equipment
  • Analyzing operation of control rod driving equipment

(2) Bonding Various Strain Gages

  • Bonding strain gages onto aircraft
  • Bonding encapsulated strain gages (onto high-temperature piping, jet engine, etc.)
  • Bonding bolt-embedded strain gages (for bolt axial tension management)
  • Bonding weldable waterproof strain gages (water wheel, blast furnace, tank, etc.)

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Business Activities (Osaka Office) Major Implementation Examples

I. Landslide and Earth Retaining Measurement

  • Tension measurement in ground-reinforcing works
  • Installation of observation equipment in landslide occurring district
  • Installation of observation equipment for deep foundation method
  • Investigation and measurement in natural disaster occurring district
  • Installation of rock fall alarm facilities
  • Measurement of earth retaining with Takewari method
Wiring on the slope of landslide field

II. Bulkhead and Marine Measurement

  • Installation of observation equipment of countermeasure works against encroachment of harbor coast
  • Installation of harbor pore pressure transducers
  • Installation of observation equipment of sluice gate
  • Observation equipment of offshore wind power generation structure
Installed marine observation equipment

III. Neighboring Construction Measurement

  • Displacement measurement of neighboring structures in subway/railroad works
  • Measurement of ground deformation due to shield method
  • Displacement measurement of existing facilities of New Shuttle Line
  • Installation of measuring instruments for railroad construction works
  • Measurement services for maintenance and management of existing tunnels
  • Measurement services for substructure works of highway bridge piers
Automatic observation system software

IV. Bridge and Road Measurement

  • Deformation measurement in new construction or betterment of roads
  • Deflection measurement of railroad girder
  • Various tests and measurements of road banking
  • Load tests in viaduct construction works
  • Stress measurement of highway viaducts
  • Deflection measurement of highway bridge girder
  • Installation of equipment to monitor the behavior of cut slopes of roads

V. Measurement of Tunnels and Floodways

  • Measurement of steel caissons in shaft construction works
  • Installation of measuring instruments to branch connection of power station floodway
  • Deformation investigation in tunnel covering works
  • Measurement of segments for pipe embedment
  • Measurement of segment soil pressure in shield tunnels
Equipment installed in a highway tunnel

VI. Measurement of Dams and Landfills

  • Installation of leakage water detection equipment for leakage isolation sheets
  • Installation of embeddable instruments in dam construction works
  • Installation of embeddable instruments in dam conduit construction works
  • Leakage investigation of reservoirs
  • Stress measurement of dam discharge gates
Leakage water detection equipment installed to a landfill

VII. Performance Verification Measurement

  • Operation tests of automatic cable-car controls
  • Investigation of measurement accuracy of vehicle weighing equipment
  • Running test and measurement of play machines in amusement parks
  • Installation of equipment to measure wheel loads of railroad cars
  • Stress measurement of airplanes
  • Stress measurement of outdoor equipment piping
  • Stress measurement of construction machine booms
  • Operation verification tests of seismic base isolation systems of structures
  • Installation of weighing capacity measuring instrument to steelmaker’s cupola pot
  • Bonding strain gages to special test pieces
  • Wind direction and velocity measurement of skyscrapers
  • Tension verification measurement of large-scale fuel storage silo
  • Bridge-related vibration and impact tests
  • Test and measurement of measuring instruments for offshore power generation system
  • Test and measurement of remote communication system
  • Dynamic stress measurement for trial work air duct tests
Monitoring jack-up works

VIII. Maintenance and Inspection Services

  • Precise inspection of embedded automotive axle load measuring system
  • Inspection and calibration of portable truck weighing machine
  • Inspection of various dam observation instruments
  • Maintenance and inspection of general-purpose disaster detection system
  • Inspection of tank and hopper weighing systems
  • Inspection of crane load cells
Maintenance of dam body observation equipment