• Sure Measurement for Sure Future
  • Ensure Safety and Security.
  • For Perfect Measurement Anytime

Kyowa Service Center supports customers in a variety of measurement scenes.

  • Keep precious measuring equipment and systems consistently under the best conditions are important.
  • Assure the health of the sensors that play pivotal roles in measurement while exposed to severe conditions in many cases.
  • Take countermeasures quickly against unexpected troubles.
  • Calibrate sensors and measuring instruments to maintain the facilities under the best conditions and to ensure the accuracy.
  • Provide calibration certificates, traceability system charts and test records based on highly reliable instruments and calibration equipment traceable to national standards.

Calibrating and repairing sensors

Load cells, pressure transducers, acceleration transducers, torque transducers, displacement transducers

Calibrating a load cell
Centrifugal acceleration tester

Calibrating and repairing measuring instruments, loggers and analyzers

Strain Amplifiers, Static Strain Measuring Instruments, Signal Conditioners, Instrumentation Amplifiers,
Data Loggers, Memory Recorder Analyzers, Automotive Crash Test Instruments

Calibrating a data logger
Calibrating an automotive crash test instrument