Company Outline

Founded June 28, 1949
Capital JPY 1,723.99 million
Headquarters Address Chofugaoka 3-5-1, Chofu, Tokyo, 182-8520
TEL: 042-488-1111 (main line) FAX: 042-481-3258 → Map
Business Description Manufacturing and distribution of stress measurement devices in experimental research fields of government offices, corporations, and universities. Manufacturing and distribution of industrial instrumentation devices in the fields of industrial equipments/ FA. Manufacturing and distribution of various measurement devices for civil engineering and construction relating to dams, bridges, tunnels, urban engineering, harbors, and marine. Various measurement consultations.
Consolidated Net Sales JPY 13,846 million (for the fiscal year ended in December, 2020)
Listed First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Our company’s stock price information can be viewed by clicking here.
Regarding Environmental Policy Please refer to here regarding our company’s environmental policy.
Our company as well as related companies has acquired certification of ISO14001 from the JQA (Japan Quality Assurance Organization). The entire group works on environmental efforts as a whole.
Regarding Traceability Please refer to here regarding our company’s environmental traceability.
Our company is certified as a calibration service provider in the “force” field of the traceability system of the Measurement Law. Click here to view the registration certificate of the National Institute of Technology and Evaluations
Directors and Auditors
(April 1st, 2021)
President & CEO Giichi Tanaka
Managing Director & Executive Officer Yoshio Saito
Managing Director & Executive Officer Seiichi Shono
Director & Executive Officer Isao Kuninobu
Director & Executive Officer Hiroyoshi Sakano
Director & Executive Officer Kiyohiko Nishikawa
Director & Executive Advisor Minoru Tateno
Director, Audit Committee Member Yoshinobu Sawada
Director, Audit Committee Member Satoshi Wada
Director, Audit Committee Member Koichi Sunayama
Executive Officer Toshiaki Oohara
Executive Officer Toru Aono
Executive Officer Yoshimi Maeda
Executive Officer Fumio Takano
Executive Officer Eiichi Hasegawa
Executive Officer Hiromi Abe
Number of Employees 900 approx. (As of January 1, 2020) (consolidated)
Number of PE, JP 12 (As of December 31, 2020)
Main Clients Government and municipal offices, national, public, and private universities, construction industry, textile/ chemical industry, petroleum industry, rubber industry, rubber industry, glass/ cement industry, steel industry, nonferrous metal industry, mechanical/ precision equipment industry, electrical device industry, communication industry, medical treatment/ pharmaceutical industry, transportation device industry, automotive/ aviation/ railway industry, electric/ gas companies, and other manufacturing industries

Organizational Chart