Traceability System provided by Measurement Law

The traceability system consists of the national standards provision system and the calibration laboratory accreditation system introduced by the amended Measurement Law enforced in Japan in November, 1993. The traceability system was established aiming at highly accurate measurement and quality management reliability in leading-edge industries and other industries.

Along with recent globalization of economic activities, traceability of measurement is getting more important as the technological basis of compatibility evaluation procedure in economic transaction between countries.

JCSS (Japan Calibration Service System) plays an extremely important role to support reliability of test and calibration results from the basis that is backed by traceability to national weighing standards and the technological capabilities of accredited laboratories.

JCSS is a program certifying that calibration laboratories have technical capabilities based on the measurement law and requirements on ISO/IEC 17025 and registering them by the name of the chief director of National Institute of Technology and Evaluation.

For details of JCSS (Japan Calibration Service System):